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When you’re balding or having receding hairline, they’re all bad hair days. Transform your hair today with Arx. For healthier hair, happier you.

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Arx connects you to clinically-proven prescription-only and over-the-counter products to help you get your hair back or make future hair loss a thing of the past.

Need Prescription
Finasteride 1mg
DHT Blocker Pill
  • Best for reducing hair loss along the hairline, crown, and vertex.
  • FDA-approved pill that's taken once a day.
From $45/month Order now
Most Popular Need Prescription
Finasteride & Minoxidil
DHT Blocker Pill & Minoxidil
  • Best for reducing overall hair loss and helping with hair regrowth.
From $85/month Order now
Minoxidil Solution 5%
Minoxidil Solution 5%
  • Best for growing thicker, longer hair on the crown and vertex.
  • Topical solution applied to the scalp to increase blood flow.
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Ketoconazole Shampoo 2%
Ketoconazole Shampoo 2%
  • Treats dandruff, itchiness, and flaking.
  • Used 2-3x a week.
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Activa Well Being Hair Supplement
Activa Well Being Supplement
  • Natural plant extracts to fight hair loss and stimulate growth.
From $37/month Add to cart
Viviscal® PRO Hair Nutritional Supplement
Viviscal® PRO Supplement
  • 100% drug-free supplement to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth.
From $95/month Add to cart
* Prescription products available only if prescribed by the doctor after an online consultation. See all treatment options

How Arx Works

3 Steps to Get Started

1. Complete online questionnaire
1. Complete online questionnaire
Answer a few questions that cover your symptoms, lifestyle and medical history. Skip this step for over-the-counter products!
Start evaluation
2. Speak with our doctors
2. Speak with our doctors
After reviewing your details, a doctor will initiate a video consultation to determine and prescribe (if medically appropriate) the right hair loss treatment for you. Skip this step for over-the-counter products!
3. Free doorstep delivery
3. Free doorstep delivery
If prescribed, we will deliver your hair loss medications right to your doorstep in discreet packaging.

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